Our Vision

Our Vision

Our desire for new challenges leads us to create new games with wide appeal. We want to excite and invigorate our customers while giving back to the local community.

If we can create a new environment that is enticing to everyone, we can contribute to society by refreshing and delighting our customers, restoring the energy they need to be successful in life.
Our role as the creators of new forms of amusement is something we take pride in. We meet new challenges by being flexible and innovative, and we can become a high-profit, high-growth company by creating new value.
We also intend to increase our corporate value through sound business operations, and we believe we can reinvent society by being open and sincere with everyone who relies on us—our customers, our communities, our partners, and our employees.

Corporate Slogan

Creating the next phase of amusement

Code of Conduct

  1. "Let the customer enjoy themselves, let us enjoy ourselves" is the cornerstone of everything we do.
  2. We continuously pursue means to improve ourselves in the present, and aim to provide a service that will allow the customer to feel complete satisfaction in any situation.
  3. We strive to perform business operations which gain the trust of society based on engagement in fair and open competition, compliance with applicable laws, and sound ethics.
  4. We make the lives of employees comfortable and fulfilling by ensuring a secure and safe work environment, and breathe vitality into our company through a respect for the personality and individuality of all our employees.
  5. Through sound business operations, we aim to grow together with our customers, communities, partners, staff, and all other stakeholders.
  6. Always looking to the future, we pave the way for the next generation with action and ideas one step ahead of others.